Arnon Puitrakul


Coding Advisor

I believe in technology and sharing, as they enable us with a better world via several clicks. Especially, programming is one of the most powerful tools which inspire people to make their dreams come true. I want to share, publicise and innovate new technology so as to change our world in the way we could hardly imagine.


Sriboonyanon School

Secondary and High School in Science - Mathematic Programme | 2008 - 2014

Faculty of ICT, Mahidol University

Bachelor’s Degree - Information and Communication Technology | 2014 - 2018

Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University

Master Degree - Medical Bioinformatics | 2018 - 2021

Work Experience

Coding Advisor Co., Ltd.

Co-Founder | Apr 2021 - Present

Like Me Co., Ltd.

Former Front-End Developer Intern | Jun-Jul 2017

Tech Stack : React, Express

Instructor | 2016 - 2016

Taught : Laravel

Founder, Writer | 2014 - Current

Awards & Participated Competition

Asia Pacific ICT Award (APICTA) 2016

Merit Award in Tertiary Student Project Category

Thailand ICT Award (TICTA) 2016

1st Place in Tertiary Student Project Category

Microsoft Imagine Cup Thailand 2016

1st Place in Innovation Category

Inventor Day Award 2018

Award in Information and Communication Technology Category

Salaya Life Photo Contest

2nd Place in Student Category

International ICT Innovative Services Contest (InnoServe)


National Software Contest (NSC)


Young Scientist and Technologist Programme (YSTP) - National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA)

Scholarship Student

ACM-ICPC Programming Competition Middle Regional Group B Offline Round (2016)


IEEEXtreme 9.0 Programming Competition


ACM-ICPC Programming Competition Asia Regional Round


Extracurricular Activities

MUICT Open House 2017

Head of Project Section | 2017

MU Guide

University Guide | 2015-2017

Junior Webmaster Camp 9 (JWC) (2017)

Camp President | 2017

RPST Yours & Big Camera Photography Camp (2017)

Campper | 2017

Young Webmaster Camp 14 (YWC)

Campper | 2016

MUICT Open House 2016

Head of Project Section | 2016

Microsoft Student Partner FY16 (2016)

Student Orientation Ceremony, Mahidol University

Photographer Staff | 2016

MUICT Open House 2015

Staff in Project Section | 2015

Student Council, Mahidol University

President Assistant of Information Technology | 2015-2016

Student Orientation Ceremony, Faculty of ICT, Mahidol University (2016)

Master of Ceremony (MC) | 2016

Salaya Tour for MUICT #13

Photographer Staff | 2015

MUICT Preparatory Program 2015

Teacher Assistant in English Subject | 2015

Extracurricular Trainings

Positive Psychology: Applications and Interventions

Coursera's course created by University of Pennsylvania | 2016

Psychological First Aid

Coursera's course created by Johns Hopkins University | 2016

Introduction to Psychology

Coursera's course created by University of Toronto | 2016

Game Theory

Coursera's course created by Stanford University, The University of British Columbia | 2016

Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree Course

Udacity's course created by Kaggle | 2015

Data Analyst Nanodegree Course

Udacity's course created by Facebook and Tableau | 2015


A website where I share my own personal experience, training and knowledge articles related to programming and technology.

Appropriateness of Using Thai Language Measurement for Youth in Social Network

The research project which aims to develop the mathematical model by using machine learning technique to classify the inappropriate usage of Thai language in Thai social network (both semantics and words meaning). This research is funded by Young Scientist and Technologist Programme (YSTP) and under supervision of Dr.Suppawong Tuarob.


The custom made website from GatsbyJS and React for my personal blog which I open-source the source code for other developer to follow. The purpose of this project is to reflect my designing and web development skill.

PaperTheme Redux

PaperTheme have been released for 2 years, the design have to be changed. PaperTheme Redux is the new version of PaperTheme which change in design and improve performance.

Mahidol University Student Council Website

In 2016, I took care all of the information system of the student council, Mahidol University. I have an idea to improve the website. This website will be the project document archive for club in the university.

PaperTheme for Wordpress

I developed this theme not only for my personal use, but I also published all of the source code on Github so that anyone who is able to clone will be able to use it for free.


The platform which connects customer and small business together by suggesting promotions that match user's interest from the nearby shops and also provides the in-detail statistics about customers for small business owners to understand about their customer more. This project got several awards such as Winner in Innovation Category from Microsoft Imagine Cup Thailand 2016 and Merit award from APICTA 2016.

Maritime Disasters Prediction Model

This project aims to build a model that detect maritime disaster such as Tsunami by using data from coastal radar, using deep learning to detect significant sign from the data to predict future disaster in real-time.

Plant Species Identification System (PSIS)

I came up with the idea for this project when I was in the high school that "Plants are around us, but we dont know much about them", so this system was created with the ability to extract the features from the images of the plants before using the deep learning

Automatic Feature Detection In Video

This project was begun with problem in own daily life. Doing a motion tracking, I sometimes could not detect the features that I wanted correctly. Therefore, I employed a mathematical model to calculate calculate the energy of the pixel, frame by frame. All of these have been implemented using C# and OpenCV.


This project was started in 2009, called as MathEngine. It was built upon my hobby which was writing a program aimed to turn a complex task into a much simpler one. This project processed on creating an API to do complex mathematical task with a single line of code.